Friends of GCBA

Folsom Brewmeister has been a long time sponsor of our club. If you’re looking for ingredients, classes, or equipment – go see Erik.

Homebrew Organizations / Sites / Clubs

Looking for a good beer that’s not homebrewed?

  • Pangaea Two Brews Cafe – Satisfy your craving for great beers and great coffee. Want to take some fine beer back home? Visit their adjacent bottle shop.
  • Red Bus Brewing – The Brewmeister has grown to this brewery in Folsom.
  • The Shack – Good beer, good people, good specials!
  • Samuel Horne’s Tavern – Great beers in a classic tavern setting in Folsom.
  • Two Rivers Cider Company – Founded by former GCBA member, Vincent Sterne, Two Rivers has been producing excellent and locally sourced ciders since 1996.

Specialty Links