The GCBA regular monthly meeting is the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Meetings are held at Hacker Lab Midtown, 2533 R St Suite 120, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Our monthly meetings include:

  • “Hoppy Hour” – Well, it’s actually a fifteen minute or so visiting session to start the meeting. Bring a bottle or two of homebrew to share and a glass for tasting, meet some memers, and socialize a bit.
  • Speaker/Presentation – Learn about brewing techniques, styles, equipment, and the world of craft beer at every meeting.
  • Style of the Month – We learn more about a different style each meeting, and taste a few examples. If you have a beer that meets the monthly style, bring the equivalent of three 12 oz bottles and we’ll do a club style competition with prizes for the winners!

Upcoming monthly styles are listed below along with the appropriate BJCP categories. Please contact an officer if you have any questions.


(Using 2015 Guidelines)


  • January 8: Strong Ales, Old Ales, Barley Wines(17, 19, 22)
  • February 12: Meads, Ciders, Perry (35-38)
  • March 12: Wood-aged (33)
  • April 9: UK night (11-17)
  • May 14: Lagers (1-3)
  • June 11: American Ales (18, 19); Blondes, Pales, Ambers, Browns, Commons
  • July 9: Summer Beers
  • August 13: Sour and Wild beers (23, 28)
  • September 10: Belgian, Trappist French (24-26)
  • October 8: German Night (4-9B)
  • November 12: Porters & Stouts (16, 20, 9C)
  • December 10: Spiced, Fruits, Smoked & Specialties (29-34)


  1. Question: is there a membership fee? I’d like to get my husband a membership for Christmas if so. Let me know! Thanks!

    1. I am so sorry I did not see this previously. This is a new website for us, so we are still growing into it. Annual dues are $25. I’m posting a new meeting location right now, so feel free to send him our way. just a couple months late.

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