Our September meeting is here Tuesday, 9/11, at our new meeting place! The style is Belgian beers, and we’ll have some special examples to taste. In attendance will be Steve Gerdsen, a past president who is visiting from France.

Our new meeting location is the Bradish Game Room, at 2810 Latham Drive in Sacramento. Sactown Union has been a gracious host, but as we both expand we’ve outgrown the space available to us. The new location has a wet bar, refrigerator, A/C and should be a little better for talking and listening.

Also, celebration registration is live now – enter at http://celebrewtion.com!

Hi All!

Our next meeting will be August 14 at Sactown Union. The style for this month will be sour and wild beers. We’ll take a look at alternative and mixed-culture fermentation and harvest some bottle dregs to grow and use in a future funky beer.

Also, we’ll discuss portable beer dispensing as we assemble a jockey box at the meeting.

See you there!

Our July meeting is July 10 at 7 p.m. at Sactown Union.

Style for the evening is “Summer Beers” – beating the Sacramento heat. We’ll also discuss bargain brewing, including some group buy opportunities.

Our June meeting has a presentation from the Sacramento Home Winemakers. President Joe McGillivray and Membership Co-Chair Gin Yang will talk about the winemaking process from grape to bottle as well as the winemaking 101 program they run.

Though mead and cider are closer to wine than beer, I have found there is a bunch brewers can learn from winemakers. I went through winemaking 101 two years ago, and I learned a lot about bench trials, ph and acid, oak and what it adds, and made some pretty good wine.

Our May meeting is here. We’ll take a look at some modern lagers and mash ph.

Also, Sactown Union is tapping the winning recipe from Celebrewtion tonight: ‘Wookie’s Got Mai Bock’ Mai Bock Lager – Winning recipe from the Celebrewtion homebrew competition, this collaboration with the DOZE homebrew club has been lagering since January.

The GCBA April meeting is Tuesday, April 10, at Sactown Union.

Style for the evening is UK beers – I hope some you have porter from the last brew day to share!

We’ll also do some sensory training on off-flavors using doctored beers. By experiencing off flavors, you’ll be better able to describe, evaluate and diagnose defects in beers.

We’ll get started at 7. Sactown Union Brewery is at 1210 66th St, Unit B.

The GCBA February meeting is Tuesday, 2/13 at Sactown Union.

Style for the evening is ciders, meads, and perrys.

We’ll also take a look at some software available for brewing, including Beersmith, water spreadsheets, and online calculators. I’ve reserved the tables and projector at Sactown so we’ll do a live demo as we build a recipe for the brew day on March 4 (which we’ll discuss more there).

There are also some handy tools for mead making we’ll look at.

We’ll get started at 7. Sactown Union Brewery is at 1210 66th St, Unit B.

Our January meeting is this Tuesday, January 9.
We’ll hold elections, take a look the upcoming year, sample some Strong Ales, Old Ales, and Barleywines, and 2018 membership forms ready to go.
See you there!
Meetings are at 7 p.m. at Sactown Union Brewery, 1210 66th St, Unit B.